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Frequently Asked Questions

The biggest disadvantage of Solar for South Africans is the initial capital outlay needed to get the Solar PV  installation done. This can easily be solved by leveraging a personal loan or a access bond.

YES! Solar is now officially cheaper per Kw than power purchased from Eskom and with the correct finance options, South Africans can save on their electricity bill from Day 1!

Although the capacity of solar systems is easily provided, the size of a Solar PV system for homeowners is hugely reliant on peak usage in a home. The best way to know the exact size of the solar system needed for South Africans is to get a free quote from one of our accredited solar installers. Click here to get a quote

Yes definitely! South African homeowners can decide between a grid-tied (Eskom as backup) or off-grid (no Eskom backup) solar PV system for their homes. This will affect the cost of your solar system with grid-tied solar systems costing less than a full off-grid solar system.

Most solar installations in South Africa come with a 15-20 year warranty. As in any industry, this will depend on the type of Solar Panels and Solar Batteries. Feel free to grab a free Solar Quote here and discuss the warranties and expected life of the product with our approved solar PV installers.

Calculating the cost of solar in South Africa can only be done accurately by monitoring a home or business electricity usage over a period of time. A big factor in calculating the size of a Solar system (and the cost of the Solar system) is the peak usage of a home or business. To get an accurate cost for Solar System for your home or business, click here…

This all depends on the size & type of battery of your solar installation and the usage of your home or business. A proper solar installation should ensure that you have enough battery backup to run your home or business throughout the night even if you have a few cloudy days. The great thing about Solar PV installations is that you can always add batteries, solar panels and inverters to increase the capacity of your solar system

Solar panels are designed for almost zero maintenance BUT something to keep in mind is that clean solar panels are a lot more effective than dirty solar panels. Ask your installers about tools (or even a service) for checking and cleaning your panels regularly. This can only increase the life of your Solar PV Installation.

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